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Embalming and Viewing

Care and respect is given to your loved one from the time they are transferred into our care.

We will take care of the preparation of your loved one at all times and they are handled with dignity and care.

All the transfer staff are fully trained in conducting the transfer of your loved one in a dignified and caring manner and this standard of care continues right through the entire process of the funeral preparations to their final resting place.

Embalming is provided to ensure that you have safe access to view and interact with your loved one without experiencing any health risks. It is especially important if your loved one is to be transported any distance and provides a more natural appearance.


Three purposes for Embalming

Sanitisation- The body is totally disinfected which renders microorganisms harmless, this allows you to view and touch the body without risk to your health.

Preservation- All tissue is preserved which slows down the natural decomposition of the body.

Presentation- Restoring a natural appearance

NZ Embalmers AssociationNZEA-logo-inside.gif

Visit the New Zealand Embalmers Association Website if you wish to find out more about the process of Embalming.


Many people find it helpful to spend time with their loved one before the funeral; a viewing can assist in the grieving process, as it allows you to come to terms with and accept the reality of the death of your loved one, for others it can be the time of a final farewell.

We can arrange for viewings either at home in their own surroundings or at our premises. It is becoming more acceptable to have your loved one at the family home where they can be surrounded by family and friends. This also helps with the grieving process as family and friends can visit in their own time.

It is just as important for children and teenagers as it is for adults to view your loved one. Younger children are usually very accepting and curious and seeing their loved one helps them to understand death better.