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About Funeral Streaming

Funeral Streaming allows relatives and friends to view the funeral service over the internet.

A Funeral Stream is a live video broadcast of a funeral over the internet from Willetts Funeral Services Chapel Whakatane, New Zealand.

Sometimes, for various reasons, people are unable to attend the funeral of someone they love or whom they are close to. This can be very distressing and can affect the grieving process of those people.

Webcasting is a new technology in the funeral industry which provides you with the opportunity to broadcast your loved one's funeral live over the internet- anywhere in the world. The transmission is viewable by 25 different users in any location around the world - providing the viewer has a computer and high speed internet connection (i.e. broadband).

We broadcast a live video feed from our chapel authorised viewers will be given an access code so they can log in and watch the broadcast which begins about 20 minutes before the start of the service.

Funeral Webcasting enables family and friends who cannot attend a funeral to view the funeral LIVE! They are able to watch the service at anytime, anywhere - around the country or around the world - over the internet, in a safe, secure location, and in privacy.

Funerals are only broadcast with the permission of the family and you must have the correct password for the funeral.


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